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Welcome to the world of natural sound"

Harbeth is the UK’s most successful, longest-standing and wholly British loudspeaker brand with an
enviable track record in innovation. Our unique blend of sophistication and tradition is in demand around the world.

So what makes our monitors so sought after in over forty-three countries? Simple... the BBC monitor design, as

perfected by Harbeth, is the ideal balance of engineering and sonics – optimised to deliver a lifetime of pure

musical delight. 

At the heart of every Harbeth is our own exceptional bass/midrange driver. Handmade at Harbeth UK,

RADIAL is the single biggest advance in loudspeaker technology for a generation – nothing beats RADIAL™

technology for that 'really being there' experience – it is so central to the Harbeth sound.

Best for listener involvement, best for clarity and best for accuracy – Harbeth delivers ultimate listening fulfilment.

RADIAL™ is the crowning glory of the Harbeth 'open' sound, as a personal demonstration will reveal. 

Prepare to re-live your entire music collection!

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